Clare Yerbury - always drawn to text and image!

'Text and Image'... on many jobs I've worked alongside people - creating/amending different kinds of images to team up with their words; and then forming these into layouts, so that the message comes across more clearly, attractively, dynamically - in print and on screen.

Working alongside people... people based in education, small business, arts and non-government organisations - where they work as researchers, lecturers, charity administrators, school teachers, community builders, small business owners, authors, home-workers.

Invitation and 'visual editing'... on this site you're invited to see some of the results of these collaborations and also some experiments. Currently my particular interests are in exploring picture book and story illustration ideas, posters, teaching resources, cards . If you'd like to develop some of your text and image requirements on paper or screen and be helped along the way with some visual-editing, layout or design, just fill in the contact form. Thanks!


BIO:  Before turning freelance, I worked for many years as Graphics and Web Associate, University of Cambridge Faculty of Education, UK. And have also collaborated regularly with CRiCLE - a University-School-Community Partnership to Unlock the Potential of Migrant Children, the University of Cambridge School Classics Project, The Primary Review Trust, The Atomic Mirror NGO, BB Zeitlyn Trust. In the past I was: an Artist in Residence participant in East Anglia's "Image/Text Project" (an Art & Craft UK Education Initiative in Secondary Schools KeyStage 4);  co-finalist in UK's Child Poverty Action Group Poster Competition;  co-illustrator in "Bringing the Invisible into the Light" Friends' Swarthmore Lecture book; co-creator of "Beyond Violence", a community exhibition for Cambridge City Council. In my spare time a help facilitate a local Children and Young People’s Meeting (Friends). Qualifications include:  Honours degree (University of Kent, UK); Diploma in Graphic Origination and Print (London College of Printing); Certificates in Teaching Further Education and Coaching in the Workplace; Diploma in Illustrating Children's Picture Books (London Art College online).

A note about the TEXT & Image logo ...My logo was inspired partly by a child's drawing in the UK. I later discovered that a Rainbow Snake is an important part of the beliefs and culture of the people of western Arnhem Land, Northern Territory, Australia. Today the Rainbow Snake is associated with ceremonies about fertility and abundance, as well as the organisation of the community and the keeping of peace.